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Warren Gorge

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Arden Vale Road , Quorn, South Australia, 5433,

Warren Gorge offers a variety of experiences for visitors, from bush walking to picnics and camping (fees apply per vehicle, bring your own wood). Warren Gorge is an excellent example of the many varying micro-climates that exist in pockets throughout the Flinders Ranges due to the slight changes in geology, environment and topography. Walking along the trail you may notice some spots that have quite different vegetation to the surrounding area - these pockets of temperate vegetation exist due to the different micro-climate they experience, as geology affects the local climate and soils, which then determines the type of vegetation that can grow. It is so fine-tuned that different slope sides in the same gully may have varying vegetation. The southern slopes receive less sunlight giving them a temperate micro-climate, while the northern slopes receive more sunlight causing them to have a more arid microclimate. In the gullies and gorges there are some small caves and hide-holes that the animals use for protection from extreme weather and predators. You may be fortunate enough to see Yellow- Footed Rock wallabies drinking from the pools of water, which whilst endangered and generally rare, are iconic to the Flinders Ranges. Pets are permitted.

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