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Truly one of the world’s greatest road trips, the Explorers Way traverses the entirety of the expansive Australian continent.

The Explorers Way is remarkable for just how much it transitions from a coastal, Mediterranean climate in the south, through arid desert landscapes in the centre, to the tropical climate of the far north.

The route pushes through what was the greatest barrier to early European travellers; the deserts and vast salt pans, and the cruel irony of country that would flood in winter yet desiccate in summer. For the Aboriginal people that have inhabited and prospered in this country for tens of thousands of years, this is a land which sustains them and shapes the oldest living culture in the world.

Aerial view of Adelaide River


The smartest way to travel is to afford yourself that most precious of commodities: time.

While you can theoretically complete the Explorers Way drive in 2 ½ days, travellers who become obsessed with covering the entire distance inevitably reduce the experience to a string of roadside cafes and overnight rest stops – a rather joyless way to see some of Australia’s most extraordinary sights.

Our recommendation? Break up the journey and linger at the waypoints – give yourself at least a day or possibly a night to indulge in the stops that spark your curiosity. Take the time to soak up the history, explore the landscapes and meet the remarkable people who have made their homes and livelihoods in these pristine, isolated, sometimes extreme environments.


If you’re sticking strictly to the main highway, you’ll have sealed roads the whole way with petrol stations at convenient intervals – perfect for two-wheel drive vehicles. However, if you wish to travel through some of the off-road outback tracks (including the brilliant Oodnadatta Track) you will want to think carefully about your vehicle choice (a 4×4 is recommended), your provisions and the time of year you’re travelling.

Internet access in the outback can be limited, so it’s important to be prepared with all the information you need for your trip in an offline format. You can download this website as a free offline app to access anywhere, any time.

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Phone coverage can be limited on the Explorers Way. You can download this website as a free offline app to access anywhere, anytime. Learn more



Prepare for an epic Australian road trip through the heart of the outback on the Explorers Way.

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